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About Us

Greetings from your friends at INCOGNITO Portrait Design!


We are thrilled that you've taken the time to visit us here on the web and we'd love the opportunity to create some truly beautiful portraits for you.


As I look back over our 30 years in this business I am amazed at how blessed Jamie and I have been to be a part of capturing the history of and creating such incredible art pieces for so many wonderful families.


You see, we're just like you. We love our own families and spending time with them. At the end of the day, when all has been said and done – it's our family that is always there for us, that loves, nurtures and supports us. And even though we may have achieved great accomplishments in business and other areas of life, all of that means very little without our family by our side. That is exactly why we've chosen to specialize in family portraits!


My wife likes to brag that I've graduated from the New York Institute of Photography and that I've lectured in the US and internationally on my unique methods of photography. She tells people I'm a genius at capturing emotion and subtly shaping light and form. That I create masterpieces on a daily basis...but I think my greatest skill, or perhaps I should say privilege is the chance to help families see the love they have for each other. The chance to simply create a visual representation and symbol of just how important “family” is in their lives and to tell just a bit of their own story.


An incredible piece of personal art – an heirloom – a legacy to be handed down.


You see, I think THAT is my greatest gift and my purest joy!


So, don't be shy, give us a call today – we'll just chat about some ideas – no cost, no obligation.


Its later than you think...



INCOGNITO Portrait Design

529 Grant ST. Suite 202

Akron, OH 44311