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Portrait Art by INCOGNITO Portrait Design.


Beautiful, elegant, emotional and timeless. Many words have been used to describe our portraits but it's hard to pin down just exactly which quality you notice first. Perhaps you're drawn in by the emotion, the eyes. Perhaps for you it's the overall beauty, the color harmony, the composition. Perhaps you're drawn to the classic and timeless quality these fine portraits exude.


Whatever your preference, Jeffrey and Jamie have worked diligently over 30 years to develop a signature style which has become known as the INCOGNITO look. Though it's hard to pin down, the look is unmistakable. In fact, many top studios today have attempted to copy our signature styles, but the fact is, when it's created by INCOGNITO Portrait Design, it's an original.


Our custom studio sessions start at just $195.


You see we decided very early in our career that rather than crank people through our studio, like some frantic photo factory, that we would take the time designing, planning, preparing and then, carefully creating the most incredible portraits our clients have ever seen. Each time creating a true work of art, that is compelling, beautiful and which gently makes a statement about the subjects.


Whether you choose our incredibly emotional and timeless studio Relationship Portraits, our gorgeous environmental Location Portraits or our top of the line Artist Vision Paintings, the timeless portraits of INCOGNITO Portrait Design always satisfy.


Call us today and we'll chat about the possibility of creating YOUR personal one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Jeffrey and Jamie Brown