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7 Reasons

There Are 7 Reasons You Should Have Us Create Your Family Portraits Right Now!


1. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. “If you are not THRILLED beyond your expectations - if you don’t cry tears of joy when you look at the photographs - you don’t pay for them.”


No kidding, if you are not completely thrilled with your photographs, I will either create additional images for you at no charge, or I will cheerfully refund all your money. I am absolutely committed to creating the finest portraits you have ever had (or ever will have) created.


2. “I meet with you personally BEFORE the photographs (at no extra charge) to help you with every decision - this insures you and your family will look perfect in your photographs.”


This is such an important step! There are only a handful of photographers in America who do this, and I DON’T CHARGE YOU FOR IT! I will meet with you before the session day to help you choose clothing (and I'm not talking about a family uniform where everyone wears the same shirt and pants – yuck!). We'll also talk about location and the best time of day for beautiful light and help you with questions about hair and makeup, etc. All of these things are vital to the creation of a truly great photograph!


3. “You can have this photograph created ANYWHERE you like in the area, at no extra charge. You can have your photographs created in our elegant studio, outdoors, in your home, at your boat or cabin - wherever you like. I’ll even help you decide on the perfect location.”


Often times our clients choose to have their portraits created at a location that is special to them. This is frequently in or around their own home. However, we also find that many clients are just too busy these days to arrange for the additional steps involved in this option and will often choose to have the portraits created in our state of the art studio.


4. “I personally enhance every photograph I create.”


This goes SO FAR beyond “digital retouching” where a computer guy goes in and removes blemishes or touches up wrinkles. This is so much more. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, I will be your Personal Portrait Enhancement Artist and I'll go over every inch of your portraits and give them another dimension of life. Don’t worry, no one will EVER be able to tell that any enhancement was done to them, but this one step can take a good photograph and make it perfect. I've been refining my techniques for over 20 years and I'm one of the best in the business.


5. “Natural expressions are guaranteed - I not only have ‘focused’ (no pun intended) on my photography skills, but I’ve also mastered ways of working with subjects to get the best and most natural expressions every time.”


We’ve all seen photographs where the subjects looked fake and posed - and those photographs never look good. Why have a family photograph created if your family doesn’t look natural? There are a number of ways to insure that each of your family members look their best in the photographs. And, I’ll give you a hint, I’ll NEVER make any of your family members “say cheese.” We're actually so good at this you might end up thinking this is easy!


6. “Because of my own family, I understand how important these photographs will be to you.”


You see, I've been creating professional portraits for 30 years now. Early on, I'd use my own family when I was developing and perfecting a new technique. The funny thing is, looking back on those photographs, I realize just how special they are to me now. My parents have several of my early images on the wall in their family room. These portraits that I created while developing my artistic style, many of which are as much as 20 years old, are now the very Life of the room they hang in. You see, I understand how much these photographs are going to mean to you, and I feel I have a huge responsibility to make them perfect for you. I didn’t decide to specialize in Family Portrait photography because it seemed like a surefire way to make money. I specialize in Family Portraits because of my love for my family, and a love for helping other families capture the memories that will last a lifetime.


7. “I will only do a MAXIMUM of 2 portrait sessions per day. What does this mean to you? It means that I will never be rushing to get your session done so I can move on to the next. Your photographs will be perfect, because I devote all my time and focus to your family.”


This is so important! Most photographers try to cram 5 to 10 sessions into one day like some giant photo factory. That’s crazy! They have about enough time to set up a couple lights, snap a few images, then shove those folks out the door so they can rush the next family in for the next session. I made the decision 30 years ago that I wasn’t going to work that way. You get my undivided attention, and I’m not going to be rushing off to do another session, leaving you and your family with less-than-perfect portraits. My father taught me - “anything worth doing is worth doing right.” I believe that 100%, and that’s why I’d rather do 2 great sessions a day, than 10 “okay” sessions. It’s a matter of pride. You’re trusting me with your family’s memories. I take that responsibility VERY seriously.


Don’t Pay Unless You’re Thrilled - FREE Clothing / Hair / Makeup Consultation - Expert Location Photography At No Extra Charge - Free Photographic Enhancement & Artwork - And That’s Just The Beginning...


Call me on the phone - there’s no cost, and no obligation - and we can chat about your family portraits. My studio number is 330-864-3664. You can call me or my partner and beautiful wife Jamie, any time, and if we're on the other line, leave your name and number, and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.